About us

The family plays very important role in our business. Our work brings our signature !

We are believing in the type of work – people with people. We want to be close to our clients and to help them in finding way through the difficulties, which they face in their development. Our clients always have been and will be in first place no matter of their size or industry.

We are selecting honest and responsible persons, good professionalists. We are taking care of them to be inspired, motivated and satisfied with their work and the environment in which they work. We want them to believe that they are doing something meaningful and useful, and their efforts are united in a common pursuit of a long-term goal.

VDB METAL LTD. is a 100% private company. The production premises and administrative building are located right next to the city of Ruse, Bulgaria, in the Danube Industrial Zone Tegra. The company is situated on a 7746-square-meters area, of which 3803 square meters are indoor area. The owners have more than 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of small- and large-scale metal products, including solid fuel stoves and fireplaces.


Our aim is to firmly establish VDB METAL as a trademark, offering high quality products at competitive prices. We strongly believe that in order a company to succeed it has to:

·  continuously update the technical equipment, by implementing contemporary and high-precision machines with CNC control and big manufacturing capacities;

·   constantly improve the qualifications and skills of all our employees;

·   maintain demanding and uncompromising production quality control;

We realize our aims by mean of a developed program, time-tested and recognized as successful, and in combination with our favorable infrastructure– convenient production premises, indoor and outdoor areas, convenient location next to a railway, main road and river transport. All of which is a guarantee and prerequisite for achieving our set targets and affirming VDB METAL as a trademark and symbol of high-quality metal products, manufactured in accordance with the client’s specifications.